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dragons treasure

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Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. Beholder Drow dark elf Githyanki Illithid mind flayer Lich. Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities.

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Now in all those cases dragons neither hoard , consciously guard treasure or are even aware of it. I know it sounds quite strange, but there is some truth in reality to it.

For example, some birds collect shiny objects and objects of different colors for their nests. Gold, is also an easily malleable material, so it could further assist in the making of a nest.

Specially because dragons breathe fire. Although, according to the stories, this is unlikely, as the treasure is still in its ordinary form of coins and chalices and stuff instead of just a huge pile of molten gold.

It is possible that dragons liked gold and shiny things to make their nests more appealing for potential mates. And then guarding the nests.

Considering that many fluids of the dragon would end up in the gold, as well as when the eggs hatch, it could contaminate it with, for example, salmonella, which could explain why some believed that the treasures guarded by dragons were cursed.

Hmm, no wonder dragons raided humans so much. We have cattle, we have shiny things. What else could a dragon want? Ask New Question Sign In.

Quora uses cookies to improve your experience. Why do dragons guard treasures? Answered Mar 13, In western culture, dragons more commonly guard treasure, but the oldest record we have of a dragon appearing in human culture is from China, dating back 4,, years.

Chinese dragons do not guard treasure typically, but they are often kept WITH burial treasure. Dragon Dragons in Chinese mythology also often carry pearls, symbols of wealth and prosperity.

So these early connections to guardianship and treasure are extremely ancient in human culture. It is interesting that western dragons seem to guard treasure for the sake of doing so keeping it for themselves , whereas eastern dragons tend to be more elemental and only connected to treasure when they are buried with people.

But to see dragons in antiquity kept among treasure, you can turn to Chinese burial sites. In more modern dragon references, Peter Dickinson, author of the The Flight of Dragons The Flight of Dragons book , posited that dragons keep a hoard because their fiery breath would cause them to combust most beddings in their sleep, requiring a stronger nest -- and gold is the softest metal, so they hoard that.

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Would you rather be a dragon or own a dragon? What is the origin of dragons? Where did the stories of fire-breathing dragons originate?

Dragons in Greek mythology often guard treasure such as Ladon, a hundred headed dragon which guarded the tree of Herdias until he was slain by Heracles.

Likewise Python guarded the oracle of Delphi until he was likewise slain by Apollo out of revenge for Python tormenting his mother.

The Lerneaen Hydra, a multiple headed serpentine swamp monster is said to be a dragon, being killed by Heracles later, but the matter if he is a true dragon or not is still over controversy.

Dragons are usually shown in modern times with a body more like a huge lizard , or a snake with two pairs of lizard-type legs, and able to emit fire from their mouths.

This traces back to the continental dragon, commonly referred to as a fire-breathing dragon. The continental, like many other European dragons, has bat-like wings growing from its back.

In Western folklore , dragon-like creatures and christian dragons are usually portrayed as evil, with the exceptions mainly in Asturian and Welsh folklore and modern fiction.

In the modern period and late medieval times, the European dragon is typically depicted as a huge fire-breathing, scaly, and horned lizard-like creature, with leathery, bat-like wings, with two to four legs and a long muscular tail.

It is sometimes shown with feathered wings, a crest, a fiery mane, ivory spikes running down its spine and various exotic colorations. The typical dragon protects a cavern or castle filled with gold and treasure and is often associated with a great hero who tries to slay it.

Though a winged creature, the dragon is generally to be found in its underground lair, a cave that identifies it as an ancient creature of earth.

Classical European dragons are often described as illuminating the air. The poem Beowulf describes a draca dragon also as wyrm worm, or serpent and its movements by the Anglo-Saxon verb bugan , "to bend", and says that it has a venomous bite; all of these indicate a snake-like form and movement rather than with a lizard-like or dinosaur-like body as in later belief though the dragon of Beowulf does show several features that would later become popularized with dragons—namely, it breathes fire—lives underground, and collects treasure.

The most famous lindworm in Norse and Germanic mythology is Fafnir. The Germanic stories of lindworms have them guarding a treasure hoard.

The Fafnir lindworm guarded earthen mounds full of ancient treasure. The treasure was cursed and brought ill to those who later possessed it.

Sea serpents are also called orms in Nordic languages, wyrms in Old English and worms in Middle English. These "dragons" are usually evil, much like dragon-like creatures of Greece and other dragons of Continental Europe; however, there are exceptions, and many do not want to go to battle unless they feel threatened.

These serpents are limbless and wingless. The red dragon features on, and is the name of the national flag of Wales Y Ddraig Goch. The symbol may originate in Arthurian Legend , or more likely from the Celtic dragon God Dewi not to be confused for Saint David by later Christian era.

Employed by Gwrtheyrn , Merlin tells of a vision of the red dragon [20] representing the Britons and the white dragon representing the invading Saxons fighting beneath Dinas Emrys.

This particular legend also features in the Mabinogion in the story of Lludd and Llefelys. In south Slavic mythology there are two types of this dragon-like creatures, alas and zmeys.

It is said that a very old snake can become and metamorph into an ala. Some depictions of alas are confusingly said to have the bodies of women. Other alas look similarly to dragons.

The number of heads on an ala may vary. Alas are enemies of the zmeys and it is sometimes said in south Slavic folklore that thunder is a product of alas and zmeys fighting.

Alas are considered evil or malevolent in south Slavic folklore, while zmeys are usually considered good or benevolent. Dragon-like creatures of Slavic mythology hold mixed temperaments towards humans.

For example, Drakons дракон, змей, ламя, х ала in Bulgarian mythology are either male or female, each gender having a different view of mankind. The female dragon and male dragon, often seen as sister and brother, represent different forces of agriculture.

The female dragon represents harsh weather and is the destroyer of crops, the hater of mankind, and is locked in a never-ending battle with her brother.

Fire and water play major roles in Bulgarian dragon lore: Змей , zmey Russian: Змей , smok Belarusian: Цмок , zmiy Ukrainian: Zmeys are intelligent, but not greatly so, often demanding tribute from villages or small towns in the form of maidens for food , or gold.

Their number of heads ranges from one to seven or sometimes even more, with three- and seven-headed Zmeys being most common.

The heads also regrow if cut off, unless the neck is "treated" with fire similar to the hydra in Greek mythology.

Regis Macao, Cotai Central. Powered by Weather Underground. Endspiel euroleague 2019 emblem books popular from late medieval times through the 17th century often represent the dragon curse register an emblem of greed. Bought the tickets at premiere leauge booth Herensuge is the name given to the dragon in Basque mythologymeaning "last serpent". How was the mythology of dragons breathing fire possible? They are self-contained and accumulate wealth because they can. Where did the stories of fire-breathing dragons originate? Le Guin created fc freiburg spieler meaningful image of real madrid vs bayern munich 2019 in her books about Earthsea. What are ancient dragons? Download Now Name your own price. Majorpixel days ago. There is also another reason: The game was written by Tom Loughry in and premiere leauge published by Mattel in

Randomly placed throughout the maze are new weapons, armor, magical items, and treasure. The bomb can cause a game over depending on the strength of the player at the time of the bomb trigger.

Each enemy aside from the Minotaur can be found in three colors, signifying different levels of difficulty. The game was written by Tom Loughry in and was published by Mattel in A version was also released for the Mattel Aquarius home computer.

This was developed by Synth Corporation in Chicago. Two Synth software developers, Michael Bengtson and Neal Reynolds, wrote the game to conform to the play of the Intellivision version.

While the game was completed, it was not released before Mattel Electronics closed their doors. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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