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The Huanggang crossing was most heavily used at 76 percent of the total, followed by the Futian crossing at 18 percent and Shatoujiao at 6 percent.

Of these figures 94 percent were associated with China. Also in the average daily passenger flow through the four connections open at that time was over , in each direction of which 63 percent used the Luohu rail connection and 33 percent the Huanggang road connection.

Hong Kong conducts regular surveys of cross-boundary passenger movements, with the most recent being in , although the survey will be reported on soon [ when?

In the boundary crossings for Hong Kong Residents living in Hong Kong made 78 percent of the trips, up by 33 percent from , whereas Hong Kong and Chinese residents of China made up 20 percent in , an increase of percent above the figure.

Since that time movement has been made much easier for China residents, and so that group have probably increased further still.

Other nationalities made up 2 percent of boundary crossings. Of these trips 67 percent were associated with Shenzhen and 42 percent were for business or work purposes.

Of the non-business trips about one third were to visit friends and relatives and the remainder for leisure. Qianhai , which means foresea in Chinese language, formally known as the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industries Cooperation Zone, is "a useful exploration for China to create a new opening up layout with a more open economic system.

Strategically positioned as a zone for the innovation and development of modern services, Qianhai will facilitate closer cooperation between Hong Kong and mainland China, as well as act as the catalyst for industrial reform in the Pearl River Delta.

Shenzhen has seen its population and activity develop rapidly since the establishment of the SEZ. Shenzhen has an official population of over 10 million.

There had been migration into southern Guangdong province and what is now Shenzhen since the Southern Song dynasty — but the numbers increased dramatically since Shenzhen was established in the s.

At present, the average age in Shenzhen is less than The age range is as follows: The population structure has great diversity, ranging from intellectuals with a high level of education to migrant workers with poor education.

According to a survey by the Hong Kong Planning Department, the number of cross-border commuters increased from about 7, in to 44, in More than half of them lived in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen residents can have a special 1 year multiple-journey endorsement but maximum 1 visit per week starting from April 13, This type of exit endorsement is only issued to people who have hukou in certain regions.

The encompassing metropolitan area was estimated by the OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development to have, as of [update] , a population of Prior to the establishment of Special Economic Zone , the indigenous local communities could be divided into Cantonese and Hakka speakers, [81] which were two cultural and linguistic sub-ethnic groups vernacular to Guangdong province.

Two Cantonese varieties were spoken locally. One was a fairly standard version, known as standard Cantonese.

The other, spoken by several villages south of Fuhua Rd. This is consistent with the area settled by people who accompanied the Southern Song court to the south in the late 13th century.

Today, some aboriginals of the Cantonese and Hakka speaking communities disperse into urban settlements e.

Hokkien and Xiang are also sometimes observed. Religion in Shenzhen [89]. Every district also has Protestant churches, Catholic churches, and mosques.

Hongfa Temple , a popular Buddhist temple in Shenzhen. Temple of the Queen of Heaven Mazu. In general, Shenzhen is a relatively safe city.

In the central part of the Luohu District , especially in the neighborhoods around the Shenzhen Railway Station , Shenzhen Bus Terminal, and the Luohu Commercial City Shopping Center , pickpocketing, prostitution, drug trafficking , fraud, and the sale of counterfeit bills are common.

In addition, Luohu is a major center for trade in counterfeit goods and abundant in its nightclubs, bars, and karaoke salons, which not only does it attract Shenzhen residents, but also residents from neighboring Hong Kong , which may attract criminal elements.

The Nanshan District has a large concentration of foreigners, and is known for its abundance of prostitutes and beggars. Along with local gangs in Shenzhen, there is a notable presence of triads: In , there were preschool educational institutions in Shenzhen: There were also nine full-time higher education institutions based in the city, one higher education institution with correspondence education and higher education institution branches in addition, 52 Chinese and foreign universities conduct training and research in the Shenzhen Virtual University Park.

In total, 67, students studied at Shenzhen universities more than thousand students were enrolled in correspondence courses.

The largest university in Shenzhen is Shenzhen University , founded in and based in the Nanshan District. Shenzhen has an extensive public transport system, largely based on rapid transit , buses and taxis.

Payment of most of these public transportation tools can be made by using the Shenzhen Tong. The Shenzhen Metro system opened on 28 December Phase I had only two lines: Lines 7 and 9 opened at the end of This made the Shenzhen Metro one of the top ten longest metro systems in the world.

A number of Phase IV lines have started construction in January Bus services in Shenzhen began in , and now have expanded to a network consisting of near routes.

Three franchised companies, Shenzhen Bus Group , Shenzhen Eastern Bus and Shenzhen Western Bus operate most of the routes, [] and the remaining routes are operated by a few private companies.

Shenzhen is a leader in electrifying its public transportation. As of January , it has the largest fleet of electric buses in the world with more than 16, electric buses.

The journey can be made by private vehicle or by bus. With the opening of the crossing, shuttle buses between Lok Ma Chau transport interchange and Huanggang were terminated.

Taxis are metered and come in 3 colors, red, green and blue, all of which may travel throughout the city. Red taxis and green taxis united in May There are also frequent bus and van services from Hong Kong International Airport to Huanggang and most major hotels in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen city has five large railway stations, located at different parts of the city to service destinations in different directions.

The oldest of these, called Shenzhen Railway Station is located at the junction of Jianshe Road, Heping Road and Renmin Nan Road mostly services mediums speed long distance trains and provides links to different parts of China.

There are frequent high speed trains to Guangzhou, as well as long-distance trains to Beijing, Shanghai, Changsha, Jiujiang, Maoming, Shantou and other destinations.

Shenzhen West Station is located at Qianhai , Nanshan. This station is used for a small number of long distance trains, such as ones to Hefei.

Shenzhen North Railway Station opened in in Longhua. Shenzhen East Railway Station was opened in December It was originally called Buji station after the suburb it is located and was a Grade 3 station along the Guangshen Railway with no passenger services.

Now after massive renovations, it currently handles mostly regional rail services. Futian Railway Station was completed by the end of and began to operate high speed trains to Hong Kong in It is completely underground, located in the centre of its namesake Futian District.

The central location means it is the focal point for most high-speed train services on the Beijing-Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong express rail link route which began plying since 23 September Shenzhen is connected with Hong Kong city and airport , Zhuhai and Macau through ferries that leave from and arrive at the Shekou Cruise Center.

Additionally, Shenzhen is the third largest container port in the world. By passing Pearl River system, the western port area is connected with the cities and counties in Pearl River Delta networks; by passing On See Dun waterway, it extends all ports both at home and abroad.

On the border between Shenzhen and Hong Kong , there are six checkpoints, including two in the railway stations they both require passengers to walk, as there is no direct train connection between the cities, and long-distance trains from Hong Kong go through Shenzhen without stopping.

In , about The large-scale construction work carried out in Shenzhen over the past three decades almost completely destroyed some of the historical architecture that was prevalent in the city before its status of being a special economic zone.

Some of the historical buildings in the city are either reconstructions or new models. Despite this, there are still a good number of historical buildings in Shenzhen, primarily in the Nanshan District.

Chiwan Fort is located on a small seaside hill in the Nanshan District. Today, what is left only represents a fragment of the large fortress, as it was partially destroyed by the British during the Opium Wars.

According to legend, the temple was founded in by Admiral Zheng He after his fleet survived a strong storm in the Pearl River Delta.

The temple is repeatedly rebuilt and repaired. Part of the temple was converted to a museum, but the rest still continues to function as a religious building.

The modern tomb dates back to the end of the 19th century, when a Hong Kong clan announced one of the imperial tombs after a long search, though this is disputed by historians.

The tomb was reconstructed at the beginning of the 20th century, but later it fell into neglect until it was restored again in the s.

It was built in to protect the coast from pirates and in suffered a long siege of Japanese corsairs. It later turned into a typical town during the Qing Dynasty , and during the First Opium War , the fortress garrison participated in the fight against the British.

Walls and gates, narrow streets, temples, and the residence of the commandant in the fortress are still preserved today.

From the 4th century, there existed a significant city, but today most of the old buildings were replaced by modern buildings.

However, there still existed a few historical buildings, such as fortress walls and gates dating back to the Ming period, the Guandi Temple Guan Yu , some military and civilian buildings for example, the residence of officials, the shop, and the opium house , and several streets.

The tallest building in Shenzhen is the meter, floor Ping An Finance Centre , which is also the second tallest in China and the fourth tallest building in the world.

SEG Plaza , in Huaqiangbei , is also a noted landmark at a height of meters Guomao Building was furthermore the tallest building in China when it was completed in There were more skyscrapers completed in Shenzhen in the year than in the whole of the USA and Australia combined, such is the rate at which the skyline is being transformed.

On one of the hills of the garden is Hunfa Temple, the largest Buddhist temple in Shenzhen, which was built in on the site of an older shrine.

Around the lake are a pagoda, tea houses, pavilions, the Museum of Paleontology, a garden of medicinal plants and an azalea garden.

From the observation deck, there is a view of the Shenzhen skyline as well as Hong Kong and the surrounding bay, and on the next peak there is a transmission tower of a local television station.

At the top of the mountain is a large bronze statue of Deng Xiaoping. There are several thematic recreation areas and attractions, and along the 9-kilometer-long coastal strip there is an embankment.

A large group of birds migrate to the ecopark in the mangroves on an area of It has several artificial lakes and ponds, an old city wall dating back to the 14th century, and many sculptures and monuments, including one of Sun Yat-sen.

It is famous for its several indoor and outdoor pools with hot thermal waters. Opened in , the Window of the World has about reproductions of some of the most prominent tourist attractions in Shenzhen squeezed into 48 hectares acres , as well as hosting various festivals and performances.

Minsk World is a military-themed park in the Yantian District based around the decommissioned aircraft carrier Minsk. Shenzhen has several beaches: Overseas Chinese Town is a cluster of cultural theme parks centralized mainly around the Nanshan District.

Dafen Village in the Longgang District is famous a noted art village known primarily for the production of replicas of masterworks and outsourcing of original art creation.

However, due to the recent growth of migrants to the city, Shenzhen also hosts a diverse array of cuisines, from Chinese cuisines such as Chaozhou cuisine , Hakka cuisine , Sichuan Cuisine , Hu Cuisine , and Xiang Cuisine , as well as foreign cuisines such as Korean , Japanese , and French.

The Yantian District is known for its Chaozhou-based and Hakka-based seafood, with restaurants lined up along the coastline. Some recreational areas in Shenzhen such as Xianhu Botanical Garden , Donghu Park, and Xiaomeisha, host barbecues where visitors bring their own food.

Shenzhen has an advanced public media network, boasting one radio station, two TV stations, three broadcasting and TV centers, 19 cable broadcasting and TV sub-stations.

In Shenzhen, there are 14 newspapers, one comprehensive publishing house, three video-audio products publishing houses, 88 bureaus of inland and Hong Kong media organizations, 40 periodicals, and about kinds of in-house publications of which the majority belong to enterprises.

It also covers local, national and international news. Shenzhen has two local football clubs, Shenzhen F. Shenzhen Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium that hosts many events.

The stadium is located in Futian District and has a capacity of 32, It was built in June , at a cost of million RMB. The 26th Summer Universiade was held in Shenzhen in August Shenzhen Dayun Arena is a multipurpose arena.

It was completed in for the Summer Universiade. It is used for the basketball , ice hockey and gymnastics events. Shenzhen is also a popular destination for skateboarders from all over the world, due to the architecture of the city and its lax skate laws.

Shenzhen has been very active in cultivating sister city relationships. In October , Shenzhen Mayor Li Hao and a delegation traveled to Houston to attend the signing ceremony establishing a sister city relationship between Houston and Shenzhen.

Up to , Shenzhen has established sister city relationship with 25 cities in the world. Administrative divisions of the Republic of China instead.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Shenzhen disambiguation. Prefecture-level and Sub-provincial city.

Clockwise starting at top left: List of Islands in Shenzhen. List of administrative divisions of Shenzhen. Shenzhen population dynamics Legend: List of roads in Shenzhen.

List of tallest buildings in Shenzhen. List of parks in Shenzhen. Archived from the original on 23 February Retrieved 23 February Demographia World Urban Areas.

Archived from the original on 25 May Retrieved 25 May Retrieved 29 April Shenzhen grew over the past three decades by capitalizing on both its advantageous coastal location and proximity to Hong Kong and Taiwan major sources of investment capital , but also on the huge Chinese government support that came with its designation as the first Special Economic Zone.

Retrieved 18 April Archived from the original on 12 April Retrieved 28 February Retrieved 9 September It could be here".

Worldwide, 16 cities are in the starting blocks in the race to become the next Silicon Valley. However, Shenzhen lacks angel investments [ Archived from the original on 8 April Retrieved 11 April Archived from the original on 4 October Retrieved 14 November Archived from the original on 4 November Retrieved 25 October Retrieved 28 January Archived from the original on Retrieved 19 June Retrieved 25 Sep Archived from the original on 20 September Archived from the original on July 3, Retrieved 14 May Retrieved 4 February Retrieved 13 September Ministry of Civil Affairs.

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